About us

IFPI is an International Forum for Postgraduate Studies Information. It was born in 2005, thanks to an idea of some editors specialized in giving information about postgraduate training, who want to improve the contents of their media through the creation of an international section dedicated to the postgraduate studies in other countries.


With the cooperation of all partners will be created a shared database called POSTGRAD. This database will contain some information such as:

  • Name of the School
  • Name of the Course
  • Category
  • Location [City]
  • URL (then the link will be "nofollow") to the page of the course profile located on PARTNER website
  • URL (then the link will be "nofollow") to the page of the School profile located on PARTNER website

Each partner should send to the database administrator [Italian partner] the data regarding the masters organized in his own country in XLM format, following the below showed record set.
The database administrator will import the XML-file of the Partner in the data base POSTGRAD.


Each partner [you too] will create on his own site a page of international masters search, in order to give visibility to other members [... and, simultaneously, offering a service to his visitors] by entering the database POSTGRAD and taking the information about the masters of the partner.


Every editor specialized in the postgraduate training can apply to the IFPI and ask for becoming a partner.
It is allowed only one adhesion per country.

If you become partner, also your masters will be included in this database!


For further information as well as for any question or clarification You may need, please contact:

Cinzia Arcuri
Tel. +39 011 6693054