International Forum for Postgratuate Studies Information

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This forum has the following advantages:

  • No costs for entering and staying in this partnership
  • Mutual exchange of links among the partner sites
  • More commercial power in offering to the customers the visibility also on the foreign partner sites
  • A remarkable increasing of the page-view of each member, due to the new contents of the website
Present Members

The purpose of the forum is the exchange of information among the members in order to allow the creation on the website of each partner of an “international” section dedicated to the postgraduate training.

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All your webpages with the presentation of the masters promoted by your customers will have an hyperlink on the sites of all the other partners!


You will have to create on your site a international section with a "masters search" page for each partner of the forum.
But is this an obligation or an advantage for the visitors of your site?